Whisper wipes the floor when it comes to tissue paper product options.

A tissue for any kind of issue

When it’s time for tissue talk, Whisper has all your answers. As testament to the quality, service and sheer choice of affordable options on offer, Whisper has built a strong distributor and stockist network across Asia Pacific and is fast becoming a leader in tissue paper products for the consumer, commercial and away-from-home markets.

As a top choice for feel-good hygiene paper products, Whisper customers are also privvy to extra benefits afforded through its parent company, Synergy Pacific. The perks, like full private-label customisation plus logistics and warehousing help, are nothing to be sneezed at (tissue anyone?).

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Private Label - promote your brand, not the competitors!

Customise your own unique paper products with your branding. Choose your sizes, packing specifications, quality and material choices. Pick and mix products to fill your container.


We can assist if you need logistics, warehousing and local supply options with our super competitive freight pricing.

Whisper's full capabilities

Whisper Products

Face Tissues

There’s no boo-hoo in Whispers tissue range. Whatever options you may need, we can offer a solution!

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Toilet Tissue

Folders or scrunchers – no matter who’s in the loo, Whisper has options to satisfy even the fussiest of end user (pun intended!)

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Hand Towels

Roll out your specs - Whisper can cater for most types of dispensers, and your choice of quality and softness.

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Tuck it high or fold it low, and get serve-ietted by Whisper. Available in white or kraft, choose your napkin style to complement your requirements.

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Get Green Business Bragging Rights!

Whisper products allow you to easily up your green-game and add to your bio brag. With FSC certification on our standard range, Whisper can also cater for your recycled paper, or tree free requirements.

FSC Certified

Whisper products are guaranteed as environmentally and socially responsible – and we’ve got an FSC stamp to prove it!

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Recycled Paper

Recycled paper doesn’t have to mean thin and scratchy. Choose a recycled style that suits your budget and your clientele!

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Tree Free Options

If you’re looking to become a total Roll Model business, Whisper also offers Bamboo & Sugarcane paper products.

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Why Buy Green?

Choosing more sustainable paper product options can give your business extra marketing leverage, and a host of other benefits. Whisper makes it easy for you to win brownie points with your customers.

Green Benefits for your biz

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(PSST... Whisper has a sister)

Did you know that Whisper, as part of the reputable Synergy Pacific group, has a sibling? Our sister brand, Konsiderate, supplies plastic alternative products that are degradable and compostable.

If you’re looking for sustainable bin liners, reusable shopping bags, dog waste bag options and more, Konsiderate is your go-to gal. You can also opt to customise products and/or create a private label range.

Konsiderate Products