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Distributors, suppliers and retailers throughout the Asia Pacific region.



Manufacturing mills and factories in Vietnam and China.


All things soft and cuddly (kittens and puppies included!) and helping people.



Whisper: tissue paper products

Konsiderate: compostable & degradable plastic alternative products.


Deforestation and environmental degredation.

The Brands

Synergy Pacific has become a noted international entity, thanks to it’s Whisper and Konsiderate brands. Synergy is also responsible for producing private label ranges for many large retail names and distributors throughout Asia Pacific.

A top-choice for feel-good tissue paper products for consumer, commercial and away-from-home markets. Products include disposable paper napkins, hand towels, tissues, toilet paper and more.

Whisper Products

Degradable and compostable plastic alternative products for cleaning, commercial and retail spheres. Products include shopping bags, bin liners, dog waste bags and more.

Konsiderate Products


Synergy can provide any Whisper and Konsiderate products as private label offerings. This can involve completely tailored and comprehensive solutions from placing your logo on product packaging, to designing your own products to mix and fill your freight container.

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Synergy Pacific has built a strong distributor and stockist network across Asia Pacific AND is fast becoming a leader in disposable paper and plastic alternative products for the retail, commercial and away-from-home spaces.

Our manufacturing mills and converting factories are able to output huge quantities of product, at an abundance of sizes, strengths and softness to meet most client requirements. Synergy’s international freight and logistics network provides outstanding shipping at super competitive prices, while we can also organise warehousing and regular pallet delivery if required.

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