Go Green
& Get Seen

At first glance, opting for greener products may seem more expensive.

But, don’t be fooled. Look a little harder.

Smart businesses are now diversifying with sustainable product offerings because of the competitive advantages they gain - which often more than offsets the initial increase in cost of goods. Studies are repeatedly showing businesses can achieve higher revenues, better access to international/expanded markets while strengthening their reputations and ties with new and existing customers.

Who doesn’t want a piece of that green pie?!

Let’s break it down.

The Green Biz Benefits

Get a Good Rep

Consumers are savvy these days. There is increasing demand for businesses to be more sustainable and socially responsible. Buyers want authentic stories, backed by legitimate changes from thoughtful businesses.

Diversifying your product range to include greener options cements your reputation as a market leader, enhances trustworthiness and provides a gold-mine of marketing opportunities. For those that are discovered to be doing the “wrong thing”, the backlash is often swift and unforgiving.

Loyal Fans & More Bucks

A natural effect of positive public image (throughout the supply chain) is increased revenue, and studies support these findings. Consumers are more attracted (and loyal) to green-eyed businesses and their products.

Additionally, research has shown diversified green product options can open up new markets (go global!) and garner a stronger, more diverse customer base which results in higher revenues.

Poised to Pounce

Those savvy end user’s, concerned by product origins and ethical merits, are increasingly pushing demand up the supply chain.

Diversifying product offerings sooner rather than later primes your business to immediately capitalise when escalating demand surges. While others are left scrambling to sort out a new supply chain, logisitics and processes, your business will already be reaping the rewards.

Beat the Red Tape

Local and national governmental bodies are trending towards the implementation of Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) plans. Likewise, large corporates and services such as hospitals and schools are adopting stricter, greener regulations for procurement policies.

Get ahead of stricter requirements and become a trusted partner early in the changeover process to secure long-term, profitable contracts.

Let's Chat Options

Whisper understands it’s not always viable to take one giant leap into totally greenifying your entire product range or systems. So we created a tiered attack, starting with our standard FSC range as an affordable, responsible base product.

For those who want to really up the ante, Whisper has options for recycled and totally guilt-free paper products.

Talk to us about your requirements and budget. We’ll work with you to design a plan that will set you on the right track for your business.

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