Oh So Capable

Sure, we’re a dab hand when it comes to taking care of the delicate issues.
But Synergy Pacific is not all about being kind to the behind, or soaking up spills.
There’s a lot more in our goodie bag, and as a Whisper customer you get free dibs on all the best Synergy stuff!

Whisper Production

3 Production
600,000 tonnes of
product every year
Watch Factory Production

Build Your
Own Brand - Private Label

Get the competitive edge over your industry rivals with your own range of products. If you have a brand already, we can utilise your logo, your fonts and corporate colours. If you want to build a brand from scratch, our design team is on hand to help with everything from naming your brand, to developing your logo and brand identity.

Then choose from our wide range of product customisation options, so your brand is on point!


Whether you are keen to carry the Whisper branded products, or want to build your own brand, there is a range of customisation options available for bulk orders.

Design your own packaging and packing specifications
Fill your container with multiple products (expand your range!)
Flexible size, quality and material choices
Create unique products for your brand

Logistics & Warehousing

Synergy Pacific’s international freight and logistics network provides reliable shipping at super competitive prices. We handle all freight type movements from door-to-door air couriers right through to large break bulk consignments. Synergy will provide your business with access to as much logistics and warehousing help that you need!

Your container
delivered to your
door on a day that
suits you!
We can organise the
unloading of your
We can organise
warehousing and
regular delivery of
pallets to you.