Embrace the Green Revolution with Whisper's Bamboo Paper Range!

February 27, 2024

Enter our brand new Whisper Bamboo Paper Range!

We're talking toilet tissue rolls, multifold hand towels, kitchen towel rolls, and jumbo toilet rolls, all wrapped up in a cosy blanket of eco-friendliness.

4649 - Bamboo Toilet Tissue 2Ply 330 Sheets (48 rolls/ctn)

4623 - Bamboo Toilet Tissue 3Ply 230 Sheets (48 rolls/ctn)

4728 - Bamboo Jumbo Roll 2Ply 230m (8 rolls/ctn)

4815 - Bamboo Multifold Hand Towel 1Ply 150 Sheets (16 packs/ctn)

4111 - Bamboo Kitchen Towel Roll 2Ply 160 Sheets (8 rolls/ctn)

In recent years, we've seen a significant uptake of bamboo products from furniture, clothing, building materials and everyday products. With so many green benefits that stack up, it only made perfect sense for us to jump on the bamboo bandwagon.

Bamboo vs. Traditional Toilet Paper and Hand Towels

Unlike traditional hardwood paper sources, bamboo is tree-free (technically a giant grass) which is the fastest growing plant on the earth. It doesn't require replanting after harvesting and produces new shoots that can grow densely with minimal space and require less water than trees. There are fewer pesticides involved with growing bamboo and it produces 35% more oxygen than trees further reducing greenhouse emissions and global warming. It's the ultimate renewable resource!

Bamboo paper is soft and absorbent, yet strong enough that you can wash and reuse our bamboo paper towels. So, not only are you saving the planet, but you're also giving your skin a little luxury treatment.

Certified Green Goodness

You'll be thrilled that our entire Whisper Bamboo Paper Range is FSC certified. That's like the gold star of eco-friendliness in the paper world. It means the Forest Stewardship Council has given its nod of approval, ensuring that the paper is sourced from responsibly managed forests and the bamboo harvested for our paper is not the type of bamboo variety eaten by our endangered pandas and so its not taking away any food sources from them.

Mother Earth's Best Friend: Naturally Biodegradable & Septic Safe

Unlike its traditional counterparts, our bamboo paper is naturally biodegradable. No more worrying about clogged pipes or landfills overflowing with non-degradable waste. And if you're wondering about your septic tank, fret not! Our bamboo paper is septic-safe. It won't cause any nasty surprises down there, and it's a breeze to break down.

Keeping it Pure and Simple: No Chorine, Dyes or Scent

We get it- you want your paper to be, well, paper-coloured. It's important to understand that our Whisper Bamboo Paper is as natural as it gets - no chlorine, dyes or fragrances, just clean, unbleached bamboo pulp doing its thing. We love the raw oatmeal colour and think it's rather classy. Think of it as beige is the new white!

Packaging that Hugs the Earth Back: Plastic-Free

To add to the goodness, our Bamboo Range packaging is 100% plastic-free. Yes, no plastic inner sleeves or plastic packing tape is used so you can simply recycle the leftover packaging. That means no guilt, no waste, just pure, unadulterated eco-consciousness. We're doing our bit to make sure every aspect of your experience leaves the planet smiling.

Our Local Good: Supporting our Great Barrier Reef

Lastly, for extra brownie points, a percentage of sales on our bamboo product range is donated to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to support its work to protect and restore the Great Barrier Reef for future generations. We hope to encourage more businesses to get behind sustainable washroom consumables and further support and improve the environment in our very own backyard.

So, there you have it, folks! Our Whisper Bamboo Paper Range isn't just paper -it's a statement. that says,

"I care about the planet, and I'm doing my part by choosing the best green option available."

It's an extra small change that makes a world of difference. Make the switch to bamboo, contact us and ask for a quote and samples of our range.

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