Ultra and Compact Dispenser

Ultra and Compact Dispenser

The poly made lockable dispenser suitable for all Whisper ultra fold - 3828, 3824, 3855 and compact 3822, 3821. It will suit any ultra or compact paper towel folded towel with an approx 6 - 6.5cm folded depth of the towel, regardless of the length. It will dispense both towels equally well.

Order Code:        CD-8138A

Product:        Dispenser Ultra and Compact

Material:        Polycarbonate

Product Colour:        White

Quantity per case:        20

Packing Outer:        Carton

Products to suit:    3824,3855,3828, 3822, 3821

Like minded Products: CD-8012A, CD-8035A

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