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Deluxe Ultrafold Slim Hand Towel 1Ply

Deluxe Ultrafold Slim Hand Towel 1Ply

Whisper Deluxe Ultrafold Hand Towel delivers quality and absorbency. It also comes in 4000 sheets per ctn, making it the best value Ultrafold towel in the range. The high capacity, easy-to-load dispensers require less frequent servicing. Single sheet dispensing helps reduce waste and overuse and promotes maximum hygiene as only the towel dispensed is touched.

Tags: Hand Towels, FSC

Order Code: 3855

Product: Deluxe Ultrafold Slim Hand Towel 1Ply

Material: Virgin wood pulp

Product Colour: White

Quantity per case: 4000 sheets

Sheet count or length per roll/pack: 200 sheets x 20 packs, 24 x 23cm sheet

Cases per pallet: 64

Packing Outer: Carton

Packing Inner: Poly sleeve

Certifications: FSC

Dispenser to suit: CD-8138A

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